Modeling Employment
                                         Michelle's Message
Working for Centerfold Models is a great opportunity for income and a once in a lifetime experience for young beautiful ladies. If you are comfortable posing nude, then you will love this. Modeling sessions are on the weekends. Friday night, Saturday afternoon and evenings. Our locations are in luxury hotels, the beach, private yachts, club venues and private mansions. Our clients are respectful and have above average income. (great for tips).There is no touching, no porn, and you are not required to do any poses you are not comfortable with.

                                      Requirements :

             1.) Must speak English.
             2.) Must be 18 years or older.
             3.) No tattoos or very minimal.
             4.) Any ethnic background is great.
             5.) Need to do your own make up and hair.
             6.) You need to have your own sexy outfits.
             7.) Attractive with great body petite or voluptuous.
             8.) Need a portfolio created before employment.
             9.) Do not solicit for outside activities with clients.
            10.) Some experience, or we can guide you in posing.

To apply : contact Michelle at, Include full body photos nude, front and back, phone number and email address with the best time to be contacted.